Our casa is a very very very fine casa.

Hello, blog buddies!

Without question, the #1 thing YOU all email and tweet me about since Salvador, Louise, Mijo and I moved into our new lil' house is this: "When will we get a tour of your new digs?!?"

To be honest, I'm always a little nervous to share stuff like this.  A new house isn't something to take lightly - it involves years of saving and investing, months of looking for the exact right place, the fear and uncertainty of making an offer, the pain of escrow, the torture of packing and moving and the strenuous work of unpacking, organizing and decorating.

But finally, when every last picture is hung and every horrid light fixture has been replaced by an updated one much more to your liking (holla to my peeps at Lamps Plus!), there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than sitting back and admiring your hard work.

It really is worth it, gang.  We are so very happy here.  And, no, our little house isn't a mansion.  It's only 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it doesn't have a swimming pool or a helicopter pad or a theatre room (I'm not Mariah Carey for God's sake), but it's ours and we love it.

That's why opening it up to public scrutiny isn't easy.  I mean, what if some of you don't like it and decide to email me to tell me?  What if some of you think our house is hideous and our new couch looks like Roseanne's?  Then I remembered something very important: with all due respect, who cares what you think?  :)

So I invite you to enjoy a quick tour of parts of our new lil' home.  And please take your shoes off - I just cleaned the floors.